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Client Attraction System


Through this interactive training I will teach you the simple yet impactful approach to leverage ONLINE strategies and find clients FAST.  

Friday, October 29th @ 11:00 am PST

Ready to fill your 1:1 practice and sell out your programs with more ease, alignment, and success?  This *FREE* 90 minute Masterclass will show you how.

In this *FREE* masterclass you will:


Get the 5-Step Client Attraction System

Demystify the secret to finding clients that are ready and willing to invest. Set up a simple, powerful system to attract clients online that is PROVEN and repeatable, so that you never have to chase people again.


Create a Clear Action Plan

You will leave this masterclass with a clear roadmap and a step-by-step action plan so that you know EXACTLY what you need to do to get your clients online, and in what order. Goodbye overwhelm and confusion!


Amplify Your Client Attraction Frequency

Experience a powerful energetic re-coding practice to magnetize your perfect fit clients. Cultivate more courage and confidence…(one of the secrets to enrolling clients online).



You’ve reached a certain level of success in business and you excel at what you do. But now you know that you need to learn how to find clients and get your business more visible ONLINE. 


You have clients, but you want more of the RIGHT clients, the ones who are truly committed and ready to invest in the high quality service that you provide.


You have a bigger message for the world, a movement you want to ignite. A legacy to lead. You want to expand your reach and touch more people.

I’m Kristyn Caetano, MPH & CHt. Soulful Business Strategist and Founder of EVOLVE Entrepreneur Academy.

I teach visionary healers and coaches to build profitable businesses that they LOVE.

My unique approach combines smart business-building strategies WITH powerful mindset tools (and lots of love) to help my clients overcome blocks, find clarity, and create success.

I’m also a travel junkie, avid hiker, and tea aficionado.

Kristyn Caetano
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