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A sacred and scalable system to find clients, make good money, and do the work you love FULL TIME!

for Coaches, Healers & Changemakers

Are you ready for REAL success without compromising your values?

Are you also yearning to really MAKE it in your business, make a difference in the world, and enjoy doing it…yet time keeps passing and you seem to be in the same place as you were last month, and even last year?


Does any of this sound like your reality?

  • Clients trickle in randomly, but not enough to pay the bills.
  • You don’t know how to explain what you do so that people “get it”, and want to hire you.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, and you don’t have a clue how to start (or what to do next).
  • You’ve already tried some strategies, but didn’t get the results you were hoping for.
  • You feel frustrated and disappointed that your business hasn’t really taken off.

I know how painful this can be. Trust me – I’ve been there.

you are in the right place

Here's the thing . . .

These days, you can’t just get business cards and a logo, and then HOPE people will find you.

Nope, that’s just not enough.

Unfortunately, most coaching and holistic practitioner schools don’t properly teach you how to build a sustainable, profitable business…let alone how to actually find and enroll clients!


Most people struggle for a loooong time to get clarity and get momentum in their business (I did too). That’s why I’m excited to teach you everything I’ve learned on my entrepreneur journey that WORKS, so that you can get there faster than I did! 

We just need to fill the gaps between where you’ve been so far, and where you’re meant to go.

what if you could have

personalized, hands-on business training and guidance to:

Attract more clients, and create consistent income.

Create a do-able, step-by-step plan to design and fill your program OR scale your existing programs.

Get no-nonsense business growth tools + simple, highly effective marketing strategies.

Rewire your brain and heal your internal blocks with the help of powerful mindset upgrades, rituals, meditations, spiritual practices.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, I have THE program for you!


business accelerator

The step-by-step plan to build your profitable dream business

Not just another cookie-cutter business coaching course that offers more hype than value. 

In this 9 month immersive training program you will receive:


a high level of hands-on, personalized coaching


focused action steps for your unique business situation from loving mentors and experts (including me!)


a warm welcome from like-minded entrepreneurs who are on a similar path, so that we all can rise TOGETHER.


Are emerging entrepreneurs just starting their business and need help building it from the ground up.
Already have an established business but want to get more clients, create new programs, plus improve profitability and financial stability.

You will learn . . .

Soulmate Client Attraction

  • Learn the most effective ways to fill your schedule with clients that you love and start generating income quickly.
  • Perfect your messaging so that people “get” the value of your offer and happily hire you.

Soulful Programs that Sell

  • Develop transformational offers that create consistent income for you AND real results for your clients.
  • Demystify pricing with formulas that make sense, and learn how to raise your rates.

Mindful Marketing 101

  • Craft your Signature Story and learn how to use it in your marketing messages.
  • Create and fill your workshops, retreats, and events.
  • Learn how to make more money in short periods of focused time with clear launch strategies.

Enrollment Mastery

  • Learn how to have a Sacred Sales conversation in a way that feels good AND turns 50% of your potential clients into paying clients.

Sacred Business Systems

  • Establish a solid foundation for your client onboarding process and revenue tracking.
  • Develop Business Flow Rituals to work smarter and reduce overwhelm.

Stand Out and Be Seen

  • Get tools to help banish your visibility fears.
  • Establish trust and connection to get clients and build authority in your niche.
  • Get confident on camera, land speaking gigs and interview opportunities.

Sacred Business Blueprint

  • Map out your year with intentional planning and goal setting.
  • Prioritize income-producing activities.
  • Build a business that supports the lifestyle you want.

Create an Authentic Brand

  • Design your website and promo materials in a way that matches your values.
  • Learn how to create a winning About page and Offerings page

Grow Your Community

  • Expand your tribe through list building and social media training.
  • Nurture relationships with influencers, super-connectors, and referral partners.

Heal Your Mindset

  • Processes and practices to rewire your mindset and amplify your success.
  • Get rituals, meditations, and intuitive tools to transform fear and doubt, and up-level your financial frequency.

Ideal Client Clarity

  • Interviews and market research to save you a ton of time and money.
  • Get crystal clear on who you serve, and how to find them.
“Kristyn taught me exactly how to sell high ticket packages, and as a result I sold my first 6 month program for over $1k per month ($6000K + total)!

She lovingly showed me a path where I could start to get clear about who I serve and how I help them.

Jake LeClair

Recovery Coach & Equine Therapy Facilitator,

Kristyn Sacred Biz Builder

Let me tell you a story…of how I built a coaching business I could count on.

Of how I freed myself from a box that was too small, and found a way to do work that I LOVE.

Most coaches and healers start in the wrong place, spending years building their list and launching low-cost products, feeling frustrated and never getting any traction…sometimes giving up hope altogether.

I started that way too.

Here’s how my story begins.


Once upon a time, unsure whether I could make a living with my Calling alone, I had signed up for cubicle work that came with a cost.

I always knew that I had a deep purpose… to help others heal, create, and transform. So, I started my Coaching + Healing work on the side of the full time cubicle job.

But still, a part of me stayed small.

You see, I was afraid. I was not so young, after all. And I alone was responsible for sustaining myself (mortgage included).
It took some time to find my way. I invested my dollars in mentors, courses, and books. I invested my time and focus in learning, failing, and refining. I tried to sort through the mountains of advice about marketing and more.

Meanwhile I became more and more numb, by staying at the job that came with a cost. I wonder…can you relate?

Now back to my story…despite the uncertainty I kept on building, believing, and healing my fears. At LAST I found a way to be sovereign and free. A way to secure a good income doing work that was True. A way to fulfill my deep desire to help the planet and its people.

Learning to design my programs and services, and to structure my business the RIGHT way is what helped me turn the corner in my business, and made all the difference.

You don’t have to do this alone. .

There is another way . . . and I want to show you how!

The Sacred Business Accelerator 9 month training program will teach you the sacred and scalable way to build your business, so that you can find clients, make good money, and do the work you love…FULL TIME!

What you get . . .

Coaching Calls

3 virtual group coaching calls per month

– training, Q&A, masterminding

sacred coaching retreat

Breakthrough Retreats

TWO virtual 2 day Sacred Business Breakthrough Retreats (dates TBA)

Private Community

Private Facebook Community for 24/7 access to support.

marketing resources

Done-for-You Resources

Membership site with done-for-you templates, scripts, and training videos

coach business retreat

VIP Access

VIP access to all my retreats, workshops, and events.


9 One-on-One Laser Coaching Sessions with a Coach

Get 30 minutes of personalized support to get unstuck and make faster progress in your business.

Get Good on Video - mini course

Get lifetime access to this 4-day video training so you can overcome your fears about going live. You’ll learn to make engaging videos that will help you get clients, reach more people, and bring your business fully online.

Biz Ritual Trilogy

In this Biz Ritual Trilogy you will receive step-by-step guidance to create 3 powerful rituals for yourself that EVERY entrepreneur needs!

The Trilogy includes: Ritual for Clarity + Visionary Visibility Ritual + Enlightened Prosperity Ritual

Guest Expert Teachers

Receive high-level training and mentorship on a variety of business success skills to help accelerate your success.

I felt so heard and understood. Thanks to her I got clear on who I wanted to serve, how to serve them and I created my signature program and rewrote my whole website.

I also took action on putting myself out there and selling my services.

What I loved best was her gentle nature, her great and positive energy that made me believe in myself even and especially when I couldn’t do it for myself. 

Our work together helped me be more aligned and actually create my business my way.

Camille Jeanmonod

Coach and Occupational Psychologist ,

If not now…then when?

Don’t spend the next 2-5 years spinning your wheels and working on the wrong things in your business.

If you’re READY to make good money in your business, create a life on your terms, and to make MORE of a difference in the world through your coaching or healing work….then this is for you.

Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way. Not Anymore.


The Sacred Business Accelerator 9 month training program is only offered once per year. 

Our next round starts soon!

If you’re interested in joining the program, please fill out the application.

After we receive your Application, we’ll reach out to you personally to discuss your next steps!

Have additional questions?

Feel free to send us an email HERE.

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