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Don’t take my word for it. Hear what my clients have to say.

It was almost like magic. I ended up landing 2 clients in 2 days and made $11,000 from the packaging she helped me with. It was because of Kristyn’s guidance, her templates and methods.

Joe Gacoscos

Psychic, Energy Healer, Author, My Psychic Awakening Academy


Kristyn has 3 things that I love: incredible intuition to hone in on exactly what I need; she’s business-minded; she comes from a space of incredible loving generosity.

Audrey Riffenburgh, Ph.D.

President, Health Literacy Connections


Kristyn is connected to the spiritual but also really grounded and practical. She is warm hearted and present. I had a major breakthrough. I could really see how I could birth my year long program into the world!

Ayah Buonaugurio

Ordained Priestess, Yoga Teacher, Women’s Health Life-Coach, Obsidian Womb Wellness


She helped me create marketing strategies, build my own website and run a Facebook group. She is talented, smart and committed to helping healers.

Veronica Joseph

Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Herbalist & Holistic Coach, Awesome Healing

She helped me get to where I am today. I have the systems nailed down and a good group of friends in the process.

MIchelle Mehta

Teen Empowerment Coach, Michelle Mehta

Using her tools, I was able to put my ideas into action.  Kristyn is good at listening, and giving useful feedback with the perfect amount of kindness.

Jean Frazier, RN

Holistic Registered Nurse, Wellness Coach, Jean Frazier

deborah event testimonial

I needed clarity about how to sell high ticket packages, including believing I even could. Kristyn taught me exactly how to do this, and as a result I sold my first 6 month program for over $1k per month ($6000K + total)!

She lovingly showed me a path where I could start to get clear about who I serve and how I help them.

Jake LeClair

Recovery Coach & Equine Therapy Facilitator, Emerge Reslient

Her uncanny ability to skillfully identify my blind spots, and to provide the insights and perspective I needed at just the right time, have resulted in material leaps forward in my personal and professional success. 

What I like best about working with Kristyn is that she is not afraid to call me on my “stuff” and does not shy away from tough conversations when it is in my best interest. And of course, she is funny and charming as well!

Stu Greenbaum

Executive Coach

Kristyn embodies all the qualities I look for in a coach – professional, energetic, wise, and empathetic – to name a few. Most of all, I appreciate her unique intuitiveness.

She is always spot-on with her observations, pointing out that elusive, unconscious detail that needs illumination within the context of each session. I always leave my coaching session with Kristyn more energized, more positive, and on track with achieving my life goals.

Linda Armstrong

Life Coach, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

I know no one else who is as intuitive, kind, has an abundant amount of knowledge in business and marketing, and truly cares about other people’s dreams and successes.

She is able to give practical marketing tips, but also ideas about how to unlock previous blocks, change your money stories, how to attract the right type of client and she encourages you to effect the change you were meant to in the world.

Ryan Berg

Web Designer & Musician, Soul & Heart Creative

She recognizes feelings and her work is not cookie cutter. Kristyn is definitely made to work with people like me who are sensitive and in the healing and helping field but also have tenacity and want to move forward.

Stacey Sciacchitano

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Stacey Sciacchitano, LMFT

The awareness I got from one of Kristyn’s daylong workshops was huge! Before the workshop I was feeling stuck and confused about what I wanted out of life.

Now I feel like I have a compass as well as a community of beautiful women who share the same passion for living authentically. Infinite thanks to Kristyn for holding such sacred space and guiding us with her incredible intuition and skills.

Nicole Kahn

LMFT, Clinical Director & Founder , Mindful Guides Therapy Center


Kristyn’s techniques are personal, intuitive, and collaborative.

She helped my with my signature talk, what my workshop priorities are, how to set up my offer and book complementary discovery sessions, how to get “butts in seats”, getting clear on my message and ideal clients, getting me unstuck in my mindset, mapping out my launch plan, setting my priorities, and helping to price my program.

Cathy Selway

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Selway Fitness

Kristyn is masterful at helping you clarify plus organize  your path…AND, she is a caring, thoughtful and present listener who genuinely wants her clients to succeed.  She will hold you accountable, and she will also hold space for you to be where you need to be.  She is also very organized, dependable and will support you in finding your own authentic voice in your business. 

Robin Casey

Somatic Healer, Robin Casey Coaching

I felt so heard and understood. Thanks to her I got clear on who I wanted to serve, how to serve them and I created my signature program and rewrote my whole website.

I also took action on putting myself out there and selling my services.

What I loved best was her gentle nature, her great and positive energy that made me believe in myself even and especially when I couldn’t do it for myself. 

Our work together helped me be more aligned and actually create my business my way.

Camille Jeanmonod

Coach and Occupational Psychologist , Camille Jeanmonod


Kristyn helped me identify and articulate the pieces I was missing, AND, how I would solve them!

It was like finding gold! I had a clear path that I could take action on, with a vision of where I was going. For just that, I cannot thank her enough! It’s absolutely incredible what happens when a person really, truly cares about adding value to their clients’ lives, and I know without question that every clients gets that from her.

Jessica Shanaan

Health and Life Coach

Kristyn is a bright light, and her clarity, humor and full presence is something I delight in.

Before meeting her, I did not know how to execute an online offering. Now I have a clear pathway for it. I also needed knowledge about scheduling apps, and nuts and bolts – they felt daunting to me. She made these easy to learn about.

Zoe Elsinger

Energy Healer + Coach for HSPs, Zoe Marjorie Elsinger

I was able to get crystal clear on the work that I am wanting to do with clients! I feel that I have all the information I need to put together a thriving business.

I also benefited from our work together by shedding self-doubt, and feeling like someone really saw me and what I have to offer. Kristyn truly had my back in the entrepreneur world – that is HUGE and stoked my confidence in myself!

Jordan Tanagila

Theta Healing Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Channels of Love

Kristyn brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and wisdom to her work. Prior to our coaching relationship, I was in limbo.  I knew my skills, talents and offering but did not know how to package everything in a concise, effective way. She helped me realize that my deepest desires and passions are my biggest contribution, and that the path to arrive there was closer than I thought.

Lara Eisenberg

Licensed Clinical Counselor and Embodiment Coach, Body Mind Wellness

Kristyn is very organized and methodical as far as the logistical aspects of creating a thriving business, but also very intuitive/compassionate and willing to go deep into the mental/emotional aspects- they are both so necessary in thriving as a soulful business owner!  I came out of the session with clarity, a re-ingnited passion and the “knowing” that it is possible to actualize my dreams

Dr. Christina Martinez

Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Christina Martinez

The very first session with her opened my eyes to more possibilities than I had ever thought of! I could tell immediately that her knowledge is extensive. She’s got the formulas to help you progress with success. Kristyn is also really down to earth, and easy to talk to. She’s a great listener and her gentle nature, and positive feedback is refreshing.

Stacey D’Aguiar

Reiki Practitioner & Artist, Unreal Art

I am overflowing with appreciation at the level at which Kristyn offers both wisdom and genuine care, and delivers both in a fine-tuned, intuitive way that I was able to receive fully (a rare feat!). 

She offered me the missing pieces I needed to bridge the gap between my own fears and actually bringing something new, deeply cultivated, and transformative to the world (in a tangible and productive way)

Felicia Gualda

Intuitive Energetic Guide, Felicia Gualda

Kristyn’s ability to share back a whole portrait of my capabilities and my challenges in a respectful way was so incredibly helpful! This is one of Kristyn’s superpowers.

I was impressed in how she was able to not only hear my words but to also pick up on the energy (feelings, patterns, and occasionally hesitations) behind them, and then provide insightful and incredibly helpful feedback.

Michelle Renaud

Teacher and Outdoor Education Advocate

Kristyn is genuinely and passionately committed to each participant’s success, supporting her clients through a combination of group training and personalized 1:1 coaching, plus a step-by-step formula that WORKS.

Her community of participants was top-notch, and has provided me an exclusive opportunity to expand my network and to build lasting relationships that remain strong even after the program ends.

Cindy Prasouvo

Spiritual Coach

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